Vending Machines: Not Just For City Kids

Vending Machines Not Just For City KidsTraditionally when people think of vending machines, they think of bustling towns and cities or suburbia. They don’t often think of rural or regional Australia, and yet, this is where vending machines can have a real impact for business owners and consumers alike.

After all, convenience is just as appreciated outside of cities isn’t it? Perhaps even more, when restricted store opening hours and even store availability can come into play.

Mobile Central 24/7 believes that in these kinds of areas, vending machines can provide a real service and benefit.

With a small footprint, Mobile Central 24/7 vending machines will incur low or even possibly no rent costs; minimal operating costs (ie electricity); require no staff; and add an income stream for the machine host.

At the same time, the machine could provide products or services to consumers that would be otherwise unavailable, seeing the host provide added value to its community for increased goodwill and patronage.

Asset Management

Remote monitoring and payment options are available, and stocking and maintenance needs can be agreed upon and even managed for the host by Mobile Central 24/7.

“Mobile Central 24/7 is ideally placed to provide vending solutions to vendors and consumers in rural and regional areas, and have proven success in the area of rural vending,” Mobile Central 24/7 Co-Director, Joe Stagnitti, said.

“Just recently we had machines roll-out to numerous rural and regional locations and the response has been very positive.

“With the capabilities and technology of our machines, we are able to monitor stock levels and machine performance no matter where they are, and with full asset management services available, hosts can leave all the work to us if they so wish.”

Vend Anything

“Our machine capabilities mean that you really can vend anything, and with our service options hosts can have as much or as little input into the ongoing running of the machine as they want,” Mobile Central 24/7 Co-Director, Julian Yates, added.

“There really is a full complement of options available for machine hosts or owners.”

For more information, contact Mobile Central 24/7 today for an obligation-free chat about your vending possibilities.

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