Fresh Food Vending Now On Offer – Farmer’s Fridge Partnership

Fresh Food VendingAn exciting new partnership between Mobile Central 24/7 and Australian Catering Services (ACS) has resulted in MC247’s newest vending machine project, Farmer’s Fridge.


Offering fresh and healthy food and beverages around the clock, the new machines not only allows hosts to provide their clientele with a healthier solution, but it also delivers income right to their pocket.


ACS stocks the machine with product and can even offer customised offerings to suit specialist location needs, such as those of schools who may need to ensure their offering is completely nut-free. ACS will also take care of all servicing requirements, and with the machines boasting the latest technology to help ACS and MC247 monitor sales, errors and stocks, host locations need only supply the space and power for the machine.


“MC247 is very excited about this new adventure we are embarking on with ACS,” Mobile Central 24/7 Co-Director Joe Stagnitti said.


“In today’s day and age, fresh and healthy options are more sought-after than ever and with all of the stock, servicing and monitoring undertaken for you, this is truly a win-win for machine hosts.”

Fresh Food Vending

famers-fridge-vending-machine-range“They get income direct, or to their chosen charity if they so choose, and they provide their customers with fresh and healthy solutions 24/7, what’s not to love!” Mobile Central 24/7 Co-Director Julian Yates added.


“The stock provided by ACS is first-rate, and our refrigerated machines complete with an internal elevator system ensure the product is delivered in top quality to the consumer. Already there is quite a bit of buzz around this new offering, and we aren’t surprised!”

Eye-Catching Customisation

The Farmer’s Fridge vending machines are not only functional, but easy to spot too, with an eye-catching livery.


“The knowledge and experience of our two companies coming together has really allowed us to ensure that Farmer’s Fridge is a next-level solution for customers and for hosts, and we can’t wait to see how this project grows,” ACS Director, Jo Logan, said.


“As the push against junk food continues to grow and with the public becoming more and more aware of the benefits of healthy eating, we are very pleased to be able to provide a fresh and healthy food and drink option, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


For more information on the Farmer’s Fridge vending machines, please click here ,visit, email or call 1300 VEND247.

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