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rural-vending-machine-monitoringVending Machines: Not Just For City Kids

Traditionally when people think of vending machines, they think of bustling towns and cities or suburbia. They don’t often think of rural or regional Australia, and yet, this is where vending machines can have a real impact for business owners and consumers alike.

After all, convenience is just as appreciated outside of cities isn’t it? Perhaps even more, when restricted store opening hours and even store availability can come into play.

Mobile Central 24/7 believes that in these kinds of areas, vending machines can provide a real service and benefit.

With a small footprint, Mobile Central 24/7 vending machines will incur low or even possibly no rent costs; minimal operating costs (ie electricity); require no staff; and add an income stream for the machine host.

At the same time, the machine could provide products or services to consumers that would be otherwise unavailable, seeing the host provide added value to its community for increased goodwill and patronage

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Project Update – Share The Dignity

The vending machines we developed for Share the Dignity are rolling out across a great range of locations to help women in need. This one was recently installed at the Katherine Doorways Hub.

The Katherine Doorways Hub is a drop-in centre and community space supporting people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Katherine region.

For more on this location, check out this article from the Katherine Times Newspaper or visit or




We keep saying you can vend anything, and these news articles from around the world show some great examples:

“American man gets mad at not having 24/7 noodles so makes his own ramen vending machine”

Now that is one way to satisfy your late-night food cravings!
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sydney-vending-machinesIn sydney?

In Sydney? Looking for art and ‘good vibes’ – well there is a vending machine for that!

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