Terms And Conditions


All personal information collected by Mobilecentral24/7 covers all warranty issues regarding the stock. This means that each site owner won’t have to deal directly with any customer enquiries. Our terms and conditions are detailed below.

Refunds, Exchanges or Faulty Products

All products will be marked with the Mobilecentral24/7 branding and details for contact in relation to warranty/refund issues.

Please choose carefully as Mobilecentral24/7 does not normally give refunds. If you make a mistake when placing your order please contact Mobilecentral24/7 immediately so it can be rectified.

Mobilecentral24/7 will offer an exchange or credit in the event that you receive faulty products. However, Mobilecentral24/7 will endeavour to correct any faults by asking that the products be returned to us before offering an exchange or credit. Postage & handling costs will be credited at our discretion. If you cancel your order for any reason then your payment or part thereof will be forfeited.

Mobile Central 24/7 returns and refunds


At suitable locations, with the agreement of the location owner, Mobilecentral24/7 will enter into a Site Licence arrangement with the owner. This Licence would be a legal arrangement and would define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Typical arrangements would be that Mobilecentral24/7 would own, install and operate the machine, and be responsible for stock selection, stock pricing, servicing, maintenance, repairs, etc.

The machine would be installed for an agreed term and removed at the end of this agreement. The site owner would receive payment for providing the location access through a percentage of gross turnover per machine.

Mobile Central 24/7